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Inspection of the asbestos in the fireplace

It is very important for you to inspect the fireplace for the presence of any asbestos contamination and residue before you call asbestos removal contractors to clean it. This is a must if you have plans of buying a certain fireplace surround. Never move into an old building without carrying out the asbestos inspection. Hiring an all-in-one asbestos inspection and removal company in your area is the best option to get all solutions related to asbestos under one roof.

By hiring such companies, you can save a lot of money and time rather than hire an inspection company first and then call the removal experts to take care of the asbestos contamination. The asbestos inspector will take samples from various areas of the building and will be sent to the laboratory for examination. If the samples have some traces of asbestos, then it might have to be removed depending on the severity of its presence in the room.

Removal of the asbestos traces

If the asbestos in a particular room has already spread over the room, then it is important to get the room treated as soon as possible This is where the asbestos removal experts will be pressed into action to remove all traces of the asbestos and to turn the room into a safe and asbestos-free room. There is no way you should try to turn the asbestos removal into a DIY project.

It is best to leave it to the experts to remove the asbestos. They will have all the necessary safety gear and the tools and the equipment needed to get rid of the asbestos and to treat the room. They will be having the proper clothing, protective face masks, and other gear that will help in preventing the asbestos from getting into their lungs during the removal process.

As removal of asbestos is considered a hazardous process, there are contractors who are licensed and have the right equipment and methods to handle the removal of such construction material. This becomes a necessity where asbestos was used in older structures or buildings which are undergoing renovation. Usually, contractors who have been in the construction business and have gained certification in working with hazardous materials and handling processes would be the right certified personnel to take on such job assignments.

Dangers of Asbestos:

This was a construction material that was considered a standard substance to use in earlier times. Many ceiling tiles are made of asbestos and still in use in different countries. The material was found to have heat retardant properties which help to provide insulation and energy saving aspects to different homes and buildings.

However, the health hazards that the material has brought to the lives of many have made this material a potential hazard. In many countries, governments have taken initiatives to train contractors on the hazardous effects of this construction material and the special care and supervision that are required in handling such materials wherever they are found, as well as how to dispose of the same.

It has been found that the material over time releases minute fibers of the material into the air that is a major pollutant and has harmful effects on the lungs of those who inhale it. The material has been linked to several tumors based and other debilitating diseases that have no cure.

How asbestos removal takes place?

Experienced and certified asbestos removal contractors ensure that their workers take on special safety measures when working with such construction material. Protective clothing and respiratory gear need to be worn when asbestos workers are working with asbestos tiles or sheets. They need to use identified places for disposing of such units.

The hazardous material not only should be handled right, but the disposal should be done in ways that further pollution or contamination does not happen. Different areas have specific norms by which decontamination can be done for such materials.


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