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​Asbestos Removal and Mould Remediation

Asbestos Removal and Mould Remediation

Whether you’re buying a new home and suspect asbestos or your popcorn ceiling has recently become damaged, ensure your property is safe with an inspection from the survey building inspectors at Asbestos Removals. All companies serve residential and commercial clients throughout the UK with affordable asbestos removal and mould remediation services.

Asbestos is a fire-resistant substance that was commonly used in insulation, flooring, and other construction materials during the 1970s. Unfortunately, asbestos poses severe health risks to individuals with prolonged exposure and can lead to mesothelioma. This very reason is why companies have committed themselves to ensuring the homes and buildings of their clients are safe and decontaminated.

Why Choose Asbestos Removals?

Certified Building Inspectors

By law, every home and building is required to be inspected by a certified building inspector during the pre-demolition stage. Before you knock down your building, schedule an inspection!


Since 1986 asbestos removal companies have been honing their skills and gaining valuable knowledge so they can better serve your needs. You can count on them to find your asbestos or mould and quickly dispose of effected materials.

Wide Service Area

Asbestos removal companies serve residential and commercial clients throughout the UK because they believe everyone deserves a safe and healthy building. Put your safety first by choosing our asbestos experts.

From asbestos removal and disposal to mould remediation to pre-demolition inspections, all certified technicians have undergone extensive training and utilize the latest and safest asbestos removal methods and techniques in the field. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or government property, you can trust all licensed and insured asbestos company to eliminate any threat found on the premises.

Asbestos removal companies have been the certified choice for affordable and effective asbestos removal services. Schedule your initial mould inspection and assessment and receive personalised recommendations along with a free estimate from asbestos removals teams today.