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How Does Asbestos Work?

There is no denying that asbestos is a highly toxic substance with detrimental effects on human health and wellbeing. In the United Kingdom, asbestos was a standard construction material until 1999. The dangers of asbestos led to its prohibition that year. Although asbestos was banned almost twenty years ago, it remains in some old houses and buildings. For this reason, both commercial and residential property owners should have asbestos testing in Manchester done as soon as possible.

You need to contact an asbestos removal company in Manchester if you have already inspected your house and found asbestos. This is because asbestos-containing materials present serious health risks if you try to get rid of them in your home. It is also illegal to remove asbestos without a permit.

Is Asbestos Harmful when it is inhaled?

It is not until asbestos is disturbed that it becomes harmful, contrary to popular belief. Unless professionals with expert knowledge handle asbestos-containing material, it can quickly go wrong.

When asbestos is dry, it becomes a danger since it can be easily crushed in your hand. You can also find dried asbestos sprayed on the ground. Due to the typical use of water in domestic properties, the floorboards and tiles are at risk of forming asbestos if they come into contact with water. You should contact Asbestos Removal in Manchester immediately so that asbestos fibres can be removed from your property before they pose any hazards.

Is it Safe to Have Asbestos in My House?

It is essential to know if your home was built with asbestos, so asbestos testing is performed in Manchester. However, for your peace of mind, inspect your house yourself, to begin with.

Why Does My House Have Asbestos?

There are several reasons why asbestos might grow in your house. First, asbestos was everywhere in construction when your home was built before 1975. Before the 1980s, your ceilings are likely to contain particles and fibres that may pose health risks.

Suppose you live in a commercial building over 100 years old: This building is located in an old neighbourhood where asbestos is usually hidden and almost impossible to detect. Asbestos can grow in any home, regardless of how new it is. Tiles are often severely damaged by asbestos because:

  • There are ancient tiles on the floor.
  • The tiles are vibrating more consistently and intensely.
  • Due to water damage, the tiles have weakened.

Is it possible to remove asbestos from my home?

You should not attempt to remove asbestos yourself if you have identified the source, as you can be exposed to even more harmful fibres. In addition, there is a possibility that asbestos particles will be spread. Worse, your home may suffer irreparable damage.

To ensure that no one in your home is being harmed, you will need to hire a professional asbestos removal service. A detailed report detailing the asbestos type, where it is, and its potential health effects will be provided once the testing is completed.

Tests that prove asbestos’ existence will continue to damage you and infect your house if no tests are conducted. If you do the job yourself, you should ensure maximum safety. A certified and qualified asbestos removal specialist in Manchester is always the better choice.

No matter where asbestos is growing inside your house, our professionals are skilled in removing it safely. In addition, we ensure that no asbestos fibres or debris remain in the interiors following our asbestos removal services.

Would you like to know what we can do for you?

Our company is your number one choice when it comes to asbestos testing in Manchester. Asbestos Removal Company provides professional and knowledgeable asbestos removal. Our staff is trained and experienced at Asbestos Removal Manchester after receiving extensive training.

We understand how important it is to safely remove asbestos from residential, commercial, and rental properties at our company. Asbestos Removal Company is here to help you if you need help removing asbestos from pipes and roofing systems.

Do asbestos fibres pose a health risk?

The only danger from asbestos comes from disrupting it and causing it to crumble in your hands. If you inhale these fibres, they can severely damage your lungs. Asbestos isn’t dangerous if it’s left alone.

What is the best way to remove asbestos?

Only asbestos removal professionals can treat, clean, and dispose of asbestos. In the case of a DIY removal gone wrong, you could be exposed to asbestos.

Where can I find out if my house contains asbestos?

Make sure you check all the linoleum in your house for asbestos, including the vinyl floor tiles, glue, and plaster. If you suspect asbestos is present in any part of your home, keep an eye out for tears, abrasions, and water damage. Don’t try to fix any damage yourself if you find any. Instead, schedule an inspection.

What is the purpose of asbestos in my house?

Asbestos might be found in houses built before 2000, buildings located in old commercial buildings, and homes with water damage if they were built before the 2000s.

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