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Many of the homes in the UK still have asbestos structures used as heat insulators, fire resistant material and even as asbestos ceiling tiles. By law, use of asbestos has been banned, and it is necessary that you have removal of asbestos done as soon as possible. While renovating homes, several asbestos structures are taken down for asbestos demolition. If it is found that the structures are in good shape, at least the safe way would be to have asbestos encapsulation done if possible. Naked asbestos is treated with a coating of a special material which holds the toxic asbestos fumes and particles from escaping into the air. Asbestos is dangerous to health and this is the reason why you should have asbestos sampling done if you think you have been exposed to asbestos.

Many of the homes in the UK have asbestos ceiling tiles, which was much in vogue during the 20th century. Not until 1970’s warnings started to appear relating to use of asbestos, and this required asbestos demolition or asbestos encapsulation. Asbestos ceiling tiles were not only used as a decoration, they were used for acoustic insulation in recording studios, schools etc. By the time the warning came out, several people were already affected by asbestos dust. Friable asbestos are most dangerous part of an asbestos structure. The area crumbles and forms into dust which is blown away by the wind and is inhaled by people.

Removing asbestos should always be done by trained people who do the job under a protective gear. The workers who installed asbestos ceiling tiles have been in constant danger being exposed to toxic asbestos while they were working with asbestos ceiling tiles. Some homes used the space in between the asbestos ceiling tiles and the roof for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and with this asbestos dust would invariably travel through the system and get released into the air.

While removing asbestos, the material should never be cut or sawn through. This would make the asbestos dust fly in the air and inhaling that would put your life to danger. There are ways laid down by EPA which has to be meticulously followed during renovating or removing materials containing asbestos. While you are handling any material it is safe to assume that the material contains asbestos unless otherwise proven or mentioned. This would safeguard you from the toxic asbestos fibers.

Asbestos ceiling tiles invariably undergo cut, saw, sand and grind which render asbestos dust to cling to the air. This in effect spreads wide across affecting human health. You can well imagine the workers installing these tiles without any precautions way back when people did not know about the dangers in asbestos dangers. If you have asbestos structures at home and they are in good conditions, you may explore the use of asbestos encapsulation.

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